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Bulled Light Bulb: Form Following Function June 24, 2010

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An innovative new LED light bulb design by Jürgen Honold offers a sound compromise for people who embrace the LED lighting revolution and those who prefer the look of traditional bulbs. The Bulled light bulb is an 11 Watt LED replacement for a typical 60 Watt incandescent. Its LEDs are spaced out and built directly into the fins of the bulb-shaped heat sink. (The heat sink is where an LED bulb’s heat dissipates, leaving the light itself cool to the touch.)

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Personally, I think the heat sinks make LED light bulbs look edgy and cool. I’m glad this design integrates them into the overall look, rather than hide them. Honold’s design also offers a solution to someone who may be interested in LEDs for energy savings but wants a more radiant, rather than directional, light. The Bulled bulbs should be available on the market (in Europe, of course) by fall 2010.

The beauty in this design (for me, anyway) is how simple it is. If you see the problems people find in the LED bulb appearance, and know a little about how LED lights work, it’s easy to imagine something like this. (But not necessarily so easy to implement.) It makes me want to customize or commission my own LED light bulbs.


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