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Old Meets New as Covered Bridge Gets Sustainable Lighting Makeover July 1, 2010

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Not exactly breaking news, but this (and almost anything else involving Vermont, home of my alma mater) is near and dear to my heart. The West Dummerston Covered Bridge, one of many historic bridges in southern Vermont, has just been outfitted with energy-saving LED lights!
The 10 new LED light fixtures replaced high-pressure sodium lamps, cutting wattage use in half. Newly installed motion detectors on the bridge also reduce light output and energy use by 90% after sensing five minutes of inactivity. The lights are also expected to last a monumental 50,000 to 75,ooo hours.

The best part of the story? Residents say that the modern retrofitting has not sacrificed the old-world charm of the covered bridge, built in 1872. Hopefully this will kick off energy-saving makeovers for these monuments all over New England, including my personal favorite, the Silk Road Covered Bridge.


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