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Infrequent Bulb Changes = Less Garbage July 9, 2010

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Have you ever heard of the floating islands of garbage around the world? Most notable is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but there are more growing within every major ocean gyre (pictured at right). These garbage patches are where things we throw out go to die, if by die you mean get carried out to sea and hang out for centuries while causing damage to marine life. Well, it turns out that Antarctica may be getting their own garbage patch soon. According to Discovery News, the British Antarctic Survey and Greenpeace found plastic packaging in the Amundsen Sea. A survey of the surface waters and the seabed revealed a healthy Arctic ecosystem, but that seems likely to change, since the area where the packaging was found represents the farthest reaches of the ocean for mankind.

80% of ocean pollution is land-based, or caused by man. It is estimated that 30% of landfill waste is packaging. By buying products that are concentrated or that last longer, you can reduce the amount of packaging that you send to the landfills and, ultimately, the ocean. LED lights last twice as long as CFLs (and don’t contain mercury, amounts of which are showing up in fish at an alarming rate). Additionally, since they are shatterproof, they don’t need to be wrapped in that super-thick plastic that you see encasing CFL bulbs. It’s just one more way that buying LED lights can help save the world, one bulb at a (long) time.


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