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Repost: Retrofitting an old flashlight July 7, 2010

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Darph Bobo shares this neat step-by-step project on Instructables Workshop: How to turn a dead flashlight into an uber LED light.  It’s safe, fun (you get to crush a light bulb in your hand!), and best of all, simple. I don’t consider myself very handy at all but I definitely have the means to do this myself.

I love this project because of its marriage between the sustainability of energy-efficient LED lights and the greenness of repurposing old, spent electronics instead of sending them to the landfill.


Repost: DIY Projects for Soon-to-Be Banned Plastic Bags July 2, 2010

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plastic bag lamp from Urban Threads via LEDWaves led lightsIn response to California’s pending ban on plastic bags for retail, Popular Mechanics has posted a few suggestions for what to do with one’s old bags. Included on the list is a project for a plastic bag lampshade, with the suggestion to use an LED bulb to prevent the material from bursting into flames. (It’s good advice. Incandescents and fluorescent bulbs – even CFLs – get extremely hot to the touch, and you don’t want to smell burning plastic.)

I’m loving the idea of this project. Now you can express your commitment to sustainability not just with the kind of light you’re using, but also with the fixture it’s in! I’ve been a supporter of BYOBag for a long time now (my favorite canvas tote has Hello Kitty on it), but, like everyone else, I still have an overflowing “bag o’ bags” to deal with in my house. LED Waves sells affordable LED light bulbs for this project, so you won’t be breaking the bank to achieve this ghetto-fab look.